Our Business Model

  • Our Business Model

    The philosophy of iPAR CONSULT is to perform efficient work for our group of client and target projects, and to ensure that the necessary attention is provided on each project we undertake. Our goal on all of our projects is to obtain our clients complete satisfaction by performing our work for the most competitive price, with the highest quality construction and within the schedule requirements. We take all steps necessary to ensure that these three goals are met and that at the end of each project, our client is more impressed with iPAR CONSULT than they were at the first interview. With the market of work we target, customer satisfaction, repeat business and excellent referrals from previous projects are the keys to our continued success.

    These philosophies have been in place for years now at iPAR CONSULT and have result in our continuous growth and success. Our philosophy remains client driven rather than revenue driven. We are still providing construction services for the same companies we worked with during our first year, which we feel speaks for itself in the quality of work we provide. Our team is made up of a crop of multidisciplinary, highly intellectual, versatile, tested and experienced workforce to provide speedy, responsive, client-tailored solutions.

    Being an innovative company our degree of specialization and speed of innovation are far above the average for the sector.